What We Do

Find new demand. Or, create it.

For more than 40 years, The Cambridge Group has helped clients develop and execute strategies that are driven by a superior understanding of profitable demand. The Cambridge Group’s strategy consultants apply Demand Strategy across all industries, enabling clients to align their infrastructure, businesses, and resources to meet marketplace demand in a way that is meaningfully differentiated from their competitors.

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How We Do It

Collaboration. Partnership.

Consulting is an apprenticeship at its core, so our consultants learn best by doing and by observing more experienced team members.  On the job training is the key to success and career advancement.

Our Partners are hands-on, frequently participating in team meetings and brainstorming sessions so you can learn from our most experienced strategists.

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Are You the Ideal Candidate

A Passion for Consulting.

We hire remarkable individuals with a passion for consulting, appetite for success, and an unquenchable sense of curiosity.

Our consultants are recognized worldwide for their unique approach to growth and demand strategy. They are accomplished innovators with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and life passions.

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Career Progression

A true meritocracy.

All consultants at The Cambridge Group fill one of six roles.

The Cambridge Group is a meritocracy, so although consultants typically spend at least two years in any given role, it is not uncommon to progress more quickly. Likewise, while other firms require an MBA degree to reach the consultant level, many of our analysts have been promoted without a graduate degree.

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Where to Apply

Join Our Team.

Most of our hiring is done via on-campus recruiting.

If you are attending a non-core school however, or are an experienced hire, please contact our recruiting coordinator.

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