To succeed in today’s business environment, having a well-designed growth strategy is just one piece of the puzzle. It is also critical to implement the right organizational structure, practices and capabilities required to quickly detect meaningful shifts in the evolving marketplace and capitalize on attractive market growth opportunities.

The Cambridge Group has extensive experience helping clients ensure that their structure, processes and capabilities are aligned to the overall growth roadmap and designed to enable agile response to rapid change in customer demand and the broader business environment. We align client organizations to a shared vision and design unique employee value propositions and engagement strategies to attract and retain the best talent. We help develop the organizational capabilities that fuel sustained competitive advantage and drive customer-centric organizational transformation.

Questions We Answer:

  • How should we define our organizational mission, vision and values in order to give our employees a shared sense of purpose and provide clear operating guidelines?
  • What are our key human capital needs, and how can we go about attracting the best talent?
  • How can we craft a tailored employee value proposition to best meet the differentiated needs of our various employee segments?
  • What are the most impactful initiatives we can take to bolster employee loyalty and morale?
  • Which capabilities do we need to invest in to build competitive advantage and capitalize on profitable growth opportunities?
  • What processes and tools do we need in order to ensure we are a best-in-class, customer-centric organization?

Mission, Vision, and Values

In today’s business environment, both customers and employees are increasingly gravitating to organizations that have a mission that resonates with them, reinforcing their values and sense of purpose. We help our clients define their mission in a way that drives meaningful connection with key stakeholder groups, providing a concise and impactful statement of the value the organization is striving to create in the world. We connect the mission to an organizational end-state vision, helping define what success looks like. Finally, we translate the vision into clear operating principles and organizational values, shaping culture and employee interactions from hiring to performance reviews, interactions with suppliers and customers, and beyond.

Employee Value Proposition

One of the most important drivers of business success is the ability to attract, incentivize and retain the highest-quality employees. We help our clients unlock the power of their people by understanding and quantifying how needs, motivations, incentives and decision drivers vary across employee segments. This enables us to design a unique employee value proposition and incentive plan tailored to each employee segment, structured in a way that aligns financial resources to the most critical drivers of employee engagement and loyalty.

Capability Assessment and Development Roadmap

Business performance is driven by the combination of a differentiated value proposition with the best-in-class capabilities required to deliver against customer demand. We help our clients build a detailed capability development roadmap by identifying key capability gaps versus best-in-class analogous organizations. Our capability development roadmaps dimensionalize the human capital requirements, organizational processes, knowledge, tools, technology and financial resources required for each performance improvement initiative, providing clear performance indicators and accountability assignments to drive implementation.

Customer-Centric Organizational Transformation

In today’s era of the empowered customer, it is critical to have world-class customer demand “sense and respond” capabilities. To get out in front of demand, organizations need the ability to accurately detect early indicators of a material shift in customer preferences, separating temporary fads from trends with true staying power. It is equally important to ensure commercial processes (e.g., innovation, marketing, and sales) are designed with the agility required to integrate customer insights quickly enough to stay ahead of shifting demand. We help our clients become best-in-class customer-centric organizations, equipping them with the information, tools, training and practices needed to operate with insight, confidence and agility.