Across markets and industries, we have observed significant change in the customer journey. In recent years, customers have fundamentally changed the ways they gather information, define their consideration set, engage with brands and make purchase decisions. The Cambridge Group helps companies design and activate their go-to-market and sales strategies across the “Demand Chain” with an unmatched degree of precision in order to optimize the customer experience, ensuring products and services are delivered to the right customers, in the right places, with the right messaging and value proposition.

We provide a comprehensive, data-driven understanding of customer behaviors and decision drivers across the path to purchase. This helps our clients determine which distribution channels and partners to prioritize and enables them to activate with precision across execution levers, including customer experience, assortment optimization, merchandising and pricing/promotion.

Questions We Answer:

  • Who are our most valuable customers, and what is their likely growth trajectory?
  • Which distribution models, channels and customers should we prioritize?
  • What does the customer journey look like across the Shopping Landscape?
  • What “Shopping Missions” should we target?
  • How can we best influence customers across the full path to purchase?
  • How can we drive conversion by elevating the customer experience and activating with precision across execution levers (e.g., assortment, merchandising, price/promo, etc.)?
  • How can we increase customer loyalty, frequency of purchase and spend?
  • How can we build stronger, more collaborative relationships with key distribution partners?
  • How can we increase the effectiveness of our sales process?

Go-to-Market Strategy

We help companies optimize their go-to-market strategies by assessing and quantifying the economic value of customers, distribution partners, channels, markets and business model options. This helps ensure that clients allocate resources to the distribution paths that represent the greatest growth, incrementality and profitability.

After defining the go-to-market strategy, we blend customer insights and data analytics to determine how resources need to be allocated and which specific execution levers need to be pulled in order to turbocharge growth across the most profitable paths to market.

Customer Journey Activation

New distribution channels and digital technologies have empowered customers, reshaping how they gather information, narrow their consideration set, move through the purchase conversion funnel and remain engaged with preferred companies and brands over the long term. We help our clients map the customer journey from end to end, identifying the most impactful opportunities to elevate customer awareness, consideration, conversion, experience and loyalty.

We build a comprehensive map of the Shopping Landscape, identifying the most attractive customers to target and the set of shopping mission to prioritize. For each shopping mission, we quantify the customer behaviors and conversion drivers across each step of the customer journey. Shopper Landscape insights help clients understand how to win with the target customer, improving conversion rates for new customers and elevating loyalty and value of existing customers. This robust fact base enables us to prioritize tactics across different execution levers (e.g., customer experience, assortment, merchandising, pricing/promotion), helping clients activate go-to-market strategies with maximum precision.

Insights-Driven Strategic Selling

The growing complexity and rigor of business purchasing decisions has given rise to the need for a new approach to sales: insights-driven strategic selling. Sales teams that come to the table armed with thought leadership grounded in robust market insights, along with an understanding of key trends and their customers’ priorities and pain points, have a strategic advantage over the competition. An insights-driven, strategic sales approach enables our clients to elevate relationships with their distribution partners and customers beyond transactional selling. This helps our clients drive pricing power, increase loyalty and identify win-win cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

The Cambridge Group helps companies build best-in-class strategic selling organizations. We partner with our clients to build the thought leadership foundation required to engage their channel partners and customers in a strategic dialogue. We also help refine and sharpen sales narratives and train the organization in the strategic selling approach, helping to elevate customer relationships and sales effectiveness over the long term.  When requested, we directly participate in the dialogue with channel partners and customers to bring unbiased, outside expertise to the strategic sales process.