The digital revolution is reshaping the customer journey, changing how customers gather information, engage with brands, define their consideration set and purchase goods and services. To win in this evolving landscape, it is critical to understand how to capitalize on shifting digital behaviors and deliver the compelling, seamlessly integrated experience customers are seeking across touch points.

The Cambridge Group helps clients get out in front of shifting customer demand and behaviors, optimizing go-to-market strategies in the new omnichannel environment and designing compelling digital experiences that drive brand preference, engagement and loyalty.

Questions We Answer:

  • What will the future omnichannel shopping landscape look like, and how will it impact priority markets and product categories?
  • How is digital impacting the decision-making process across the customer journey, and how can we best influence customer decisions?
  • What is the optimal digital business model and go-to-market strategy for our business?
  • How can we optimize the digital experience for our customers to best drive preference, engagement, and loyalty?
  • How can we design digital platforms and customer offerings in a way that maximizes resonance with priority customers?
  • How can we use digital platforms and personalization to drive marketing and sales effectiveness?

E-Commerce and Omnichannel Strategy

The growth of e-commerce and emergence of direct-to-consumer distribution models are disrupting established markets. It is more important than ever to establish a clear understanding of the current and future omnichannel shopping landscape in order to capitalize on shifting customer behaviors and decision drivers.

We provide clients with a comprehensive view of the omnichannel shopping landscape, identify key customer influencers and quantify demand drivers across the full spectrum of customer shopping missions. We use this robust, proprietary fact base to determine the optimal digital business model and go-to-market strategy for our clients, synthesizing the key growth initiatives and digital capabilities required to win.

Digital Experience

To win with increasingly empowered, connected customers, it is imperative to create a consistent and compelling experience across customer touch points. Customers gravitate to the retailers, brands, and platforms that do the best job of delivering against their most important demand drivers.

We help clients gain a quantified understanding of customer decision influencers and demand drivers across touch points. We conduct a detailed benchmarking analysis against competitors, highlighting the most important performance gaps to address. This analysis informs the design of a superior digital experience across touch points, elevating customer engagement, conversion and loyalty.

Digital Platform Strategy

For many of our clients within the media and technology sectors, their customers are increasingly gravitating to digital platforms that provide a bundle of integrated, value-add offerings, and are easy to access anywhere, at any time, across a range of connected devices. We have extensive experience leveraging deep customer insight and ethnographic research to design digital platforms that delight customers, featuring pricing models that drive profitable growth, while maximizing adoption, engagement, and loyalty.